Persistent Connection Problems

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Your modem must connect to our modem and remain connected throughout your session. This page is for people facing problems making or holding good modem connections. It is about difficulty in connecting, about disconnects, and about low speed connections.

This page is also about persistent problems.  There are many causes of connection problems that are not covered here, such as those due to dieing modems or modems that for some reason aren't up to par.  Things covered here can cause you connection problems even with first-class modems in perfect condition.

This page is not about problems logging in or making network connections once good modem-modem communication is established. Those problems are of a different nature

Some people connect at the maximum speed their modem can work at and never get disconnected. A few have trouble connecting at all, and a great many are not getting all they could out of their Internet connections. Virtually all major problems and most minor problems can be eliminated.

As 56k modems become more common, the things causing even minor problems now will loom larger in their impact. Every user who wants to enjoy the benefits of these faster modems should become familiar with where the limitations on modem connection speed and robustness come from.

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